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Mister Ed's Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium

Sour Rainbow Sticks

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Unleash a burst of flavor with our Sour Rainbow Sticks. These colorful treats are sure to satisfy your sweet and tangy cravings. Perfect for sharing and indulging in some quirky fun (unless you don't like fun, in which case, what are you doing here?!) Grab a pack today and taste the rainbow (sourness).

Ingredients: glucose and fructose syrup; sugar; wheat flour (gluten); starches; acidifiers: E296; vegetable fat (palm); acidifiers: E330, E270; acidity regulators: E325, E331; salt; emulsifiers: E471; flavorings; humectants: E422; dyes: E102, E110, E129, 

Weight: .53 lb Weights may vary and subject to change without notice.