Elephant figurines, art and household goods in every size, substance, shape and color.
Delicious homemade fudge, chocolates and other treats, plus tons of your favorite candy from yesteryear to today. Fresh roasted jumbo peanuts and our own cinnamon glazed nuts. Unique gifts for everyone on your list. Whimsical gardens complete with an enchanted forest, a talking elephant and a teapot museum.
Mister Ed's is an experience the whole family will love!

  • Amazing Elephants

    "So many beautiful Elephants. Everyone should visit this amazing place. It's jaw dropping amazing."

    -- Sami on Google

  • Sweet Treats

    "The store immerses your senses immediately upon entry -- and it’s sweet! So much candy to choose from: anything from chocolates, gummy bears, PEZ, candy pretzels, nostalgic hard candy, fudge...the list goes on and on!"

    -- G on Google

  • Fun for All Ages

    "Go, see this incredible, adorable place. Young and old will enjoy this." -- Valerie on Google

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