Raise Funds for Your Organization

Thanks for your interest in doing a fundraiser with Mister Ed’s. Not only do we have the best recipes for homemade fudge, cinnamon glazed nuts and gourmet loaded pretzels, experience has shown us the recipe for fundraising success. 


Who Can Fundraise?

Tax-exempt organizations are eligible to participate in our fundraisers. Groups selling $2,500 or more worth of product, we split the profits with you 50/50, so you make a minimum of $1,250. Those selling under $2,500 make a 40% profit. Groups selling greater than $10,000 in product get a 2% bonus, so 52% profit.


Our Offerings

The Fudge: Each year, Mister Ed’s makes more than 20 tons of fudge, having earned a reputation for using only quality ingredients in delicious combinations. While we make nearly 300 flavors, to ensure your selling success, we have selected 14 of our top fudge flavors, plus one seasonal flavor, to include in fundraisers. These are proven winners and may not be substituted.

The fudge is processed in a facility where it may be exposed to nuts and gluten and contains dairy. All ingredients are available upon request. Approximately one half-pound block of fudge is provided to you in a safety sealed plastic container. Unopened fudge has a shelf-life of 75 days.

Cinnamon Glazed Nuts: Mister Ed’s Cinnamon Glazed Nuts are coated in a cinnamon and sugar glaze, available in cashews, almonds and pecans. Made fresh in small batches, the nuts come in a sealed cone. If sealed, the shelf-life is approximately 6 months.

Gourmet Pretzels: Our large gourmet pretzels start with the best foundation, chocolate and pretzels processed in Pennsylvania. Each is then hand-dipped in a variety of toppings, making for a decadent treat. We have curated six of our top flavors for a special fundraiser box. The shelf-life is approximately six months, but we know they won’t last that long. 



We recommend you give members of your organization at least two weeks to sell to family, friends and co-workers before they submit their orders to you. Then give yourself a couple of days to consolidate the orders into one large order using a fillable form we provide, allowing for any late orders. Then submit your order to Mister Ed's two weeks before you want it to be due back to you. It takes time to process, make and package your order. 

Sample timeline:

Sept. 1 – Ask Mister Ed’s for information about doing a fudge fundraiser

Sept. 7 – Ask Mister Ed’s to customize fudge fundraiser forms

Sept. 15 – Distribute fudge fundraiser forms to your members

Sept. 29 – Fudge fundraiser forms are due back to you to process

Oct. 18 – Mister Ed’s completes your order and it’s ready for pick-up

Mister Ed’s reserves the right to limit the number of fundraisers occurring at the same time or in the same area to ensure the success of everyone. Fundraisers are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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