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Mister Ed's Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium

Pop Rocks - Watermelon

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Cereal isn't the only thing that gives a snap, crackle, and pop in your mouth. Pop Rocks Popping with a fabulous, fruity Watermelon wallop. The candy that let's you "Taste the Explosion!"

POP ROCKS are small pieces of hard candy that have been gasified with carbon dioxide under super-atmospheric pressure. When these gasified sugar granules come in contact with moisture, in someone’s mouth or in a liquid, the gas retained inside the carbon dioxide bubbles is released, causing its characteristic popping sensation as well as crackling and fizzing sounds.

Gluten Free/Nut Free

Ingredients: Sugar, Lactose (Milk Sugar), Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Colors (Red 3, Red 40), Processed with Carbon Dioxide.