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Mister Ed's Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium

Magical Charms Crispycake

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"Unleash the magic with every bite of our Magical Charms Crispycake. Featuring a combination of crispy cake and enchanted charms, this treat is sure to add a touch of whimsy to your day. A playful twist on a classic dessert that will have you saying 'Abracadabra Delicious!'"

Ingredients: marshmallows (corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, gelatin), whole oat flour, sodium hexametaphosphate, natural and artificial flavor, color red 40, yellow 5 and 6, blue 1 and 2, wheat starch, brown sugar, calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate, color (titanium dioxide caramel), trisodium phosphate, crisp rice (rice, sugar, salt, malt extract, vitamin C (sodium ascorbate), iron (ferric orthophosphate), vitamin A (palmitate), niacinamide, preservative (tocopherols), zinc (zinc oxide), vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate) vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin D (cholecalciferol) B2 (riboflavin), folic acid, vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), corn oil, canola oil, salt, butter emulsion (nonallergenic, water, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavors, tragacanth gum (emulsifier) vanilla flavor (water, propylene glycol, vanilla, natural and artificial flavor), lecithin (an emulsifier).

Contains: wheat, soy

Allergens: Products have been manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, egg, wheat, almond, coconut, peanuts & tree nuts.

Weight: 5 oz.  Weights may vary and subject to change without notice.