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Welcome Nicole!

When “Mister Ed” Gotwalt founded Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium 41 years ago, he never dreamed it would evolve into what it is today – a zany, beloved, successful business visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year. He also never expected to see his granddaughter and her husband as its owners or his great-grandson greeting customers.

Of course he hoped the business would be successful, and he prayed it would be around for generations, but this…this is beyond his wildest imagination.

At 80 years old, Mister Ed has cut back a bit. And his wife, Pat, has long since retired, preferring instead to spend time with family

Nicole and grandfather Mister Ed
Nicole and grandfather Mister Ed

and watch her great-grandson a day a week. The ownership of the business and day-to-day operations have been the responsibility of his grandson-in-law Isaac for two years. And now we’re pleased to welcome granddaughter Nicole on board full-time. Nicole worked at least a day or two each week with the business before, as she held down a job outside the business. Now Isaac needs her help and the timing is right.

Nicole will help Cheryl, our main fudge maker, by making fundraiser and outpost fudge. She’ll continue and expand her work with marketing and communications (that’s her work you see on the website and social media). She’ll also take over planning of events like the popular Easter Egg Hunt, Santa Claus Arrival and Great Pumpkin Party from Isaac. Most of all, her job will be to keep things running smoothly, both out front and behind the scenes.

We’re proud to take this next step and can’t wait to see how the business grows and evolves after another 41 years.