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Our Favorite Things - 2020 Edition

Our list of favorite things is here! As if that’s not good enough news, the arrival of the holiday shopping season means we’re in the home stretch of 2020. While there isn’t usually a theme to our list, other than our favorite things, this year we decided each and every item on the list should be something that brings a smile or laughter.

Even more, every item on this list goes on sale for 20% off at 10 a.m. on Saturday, November 28 – Small Business Saturday. The 20% applies to in-store purchases only.

Gourmet Loaded Pretzel: $2.50 each

You’ve got to try our newest obsession. These pretzels are covered in our own blend of real chocolate then coated with a range of toppings, from bacon and sea salt to Reese’s Pieces. These make great gifts … if you want to share.

Car Charms: $8.99

Time and again this year, we’ve uttered the phrase “Jesus, take the wheel,” and these sentimental charms are a great reminder of something bigger than yourself. Some have inspirational words, while others are of favorite animals like sloths and frogs. Meant to hang on your rearview mirror, they bring a smile to your face as you move forward.

Land of Dough: $12.99

This premium playdough just arrived to Mister Ed’s, and it’s already a hit. Handcrafted in the USA, a small team designs and creates each Luxe Dough Cup by hand. Every cup, whether the dough inside looks like a galaxy or a rainbow, brings its own unique play experience. The all-natural dough is made with plant-based colors, compostable glitters, and organic essential oils.

Toothbrushes: $7.99

You have a filthy mouth! Clean it up with our new wide-handled toothbrushes. With soft, round-tip bristles and delightful design on both sides, a toothbrush isn’t a weird gift at all. Plus, a portion of the sales of these guys benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Candy Filled Christmas Tins: $9.99 - $19.99

Sometimes you need a little something for your teacher, preacher, neighbor, mailman, party host, co-worker, friend or dog groomer. We’ve got a large selection of tins you can fill with whatever kind of loose candy you’d like.

Christmas Signs: $6.99 - $8.99

Deck your halls with these rustic signs of the season. They’d make a perfect addition to the packaging of an already wrapped gift to share your festive sentiments.

Waist Packs: $9.99

Gosh, we have so much to carry with us everywhere now – masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes. Our former early 90s selves were really smart. Carry it all in a waist pack (previous known as a fanny pack). So convenient. Thank God, it’s back!

Ornaments: $5.99-$7.99

Say it with an ornament. These quality and affordable ornaments from History & Heraldry are the perfect and easy gift for a teacher, friend, grandmother, sister or anyone special in your life. We have many styles to choose from.

PEZ: $2.29-$29.99

Yes, all PEZ – sets and singles. And that’s a lot, considering we have one of the largest PEZ displays on the East Coast. These make great stocking stuffers!

And finally…

Lavatory Mist: $12.99

We love these Lavatory Mists for the treatment and cure of soiled air. And I think we all know 2020 stank real bad. Made with fragrant essential oils to avoid cheap perfume fog, there are more than 500 applications in every bottle. Our personal favorite is Vladimir Pootin. Why? Because a little Pootin goes a long way! It will cover your filthy secrets and bring odor to its knees! While it may not wrestle bears, it will be a glorious addition to your bathroom.