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Every year without fail I get cozy on my couch and browse Oprah’s list of favorite things. I’m hoping to find something exciting, or at least useful, to fulfill my loved ones’ Christmas lists. Then an epiphany came to me last Tuesday afternoon as I sat at my desk drinking a cup of afternoon coffee: If Oprah can have a list of her favorite things, so can we!

We have so much cool stuff at Mister Ed’s. You know that, right? But sometimes in the rush of the holiday season, it’s difficult to remember what you saw. Even more, our inventory is always changing; we’re always adding new things.

To make your job easy, and to celebrate Small Business Saturday, here is our first-ever list of our favorite things, in no particular order (because we’re not that organized). Here’s a great bonus: all these items will be 20% off one day only, this Saturday, November 24. It’s the biggest and best sale we’ve ever had in our nearly 44-year history. Why? Because this is the stuff that never goes on sale. It’s not the picked-over, end-of-season stuff. It’s the just in, hot right now stuff. Quite seriously, it’s a sale of our favorite things.

Stylish (and Warm) Tootsies: Sparkly Snoozies, $14.99

I have a pair of these in every color, because I hate cold feet. And my favorite part about them is they are machine washable. Just turn them inside out, wash and re-wear. I even keep a pair in my purse for special events, so I can be comfortable and stylish.

On Trend: Elephant Scarves, $11.99

These scarves are soft as butter, look good and keep you warm. Whether you’re an elephant lover, a proud member of the Grand Old Party, or just like to look good, these scarves are a great accessory.

Fa La La La Fido: Festive Dog Ornaments, 9.99

These cute dog ornaments are just in and selling fast. We’ve got a ton of dog breeds, plus they’re totally customizable. Just add your furry friend’s name to the dog bone. Our dog Barnum can’t wait to get his! (He’d also like you to know he loves our Fetch and Eat Logs, “chocolate” coated dog bones, and dog breed socks.)

Tea Time: Unique Tea Pots, $23.99-$57.99

I’m absolutely in love with our selection of unique tea pots. We found them from a company called Blue Sky when we were at the Atlanta gift show last January and knew we had to have them for the opening of Miss Pat’s Teapot Museum. We’ve got a llama, a sea anemone, light house, old fashioned telephone and television, dogs, and more. And the thing I always look for when buying something for the kitchen: they are microwave and dishwasher safe. We’ve also got really cute tin tea sets for children.

Up to No Good: Harry Potter Chocolate Wands, $9.99

This is the perfect gift for fans of Harry Potter, like my husband Isaac. I can remember standing in line at a mall waiting for a midnight release of the final book of the Harry Potter series with him. That was an experience, to say the least. Round out your gift with some butter beer soda, house mugs, Bertie Botts beans and gummi creatures.

Building Creativity: Plus Plus Mini Makers, $7.99

A hot trend from Denmark, these things have allowed us many peaceful dining experiences in restaurants with our two-year-old. Grab a tube for your purse and pull it out before things go south. These plastic plus signs can be configured in many different arrangements, flat and 3-D. We’ve got kits to make unicorns, superheroes, elephants and a whole bunch of other creatures…or nothing specific at all.

Sweet Gifts: Christmas Mugs filled with Candy, $9.99-$11.99

Sometimes you need a little something for your teacher, preacher, neighbor, mailman, party host, co-worker, friend or dog groomer. We’ve got a huge selection of mugs you can fill with whatever kind of loose candy you’d like. You pick it out and fill it, we’ll make it look pretty with some clear wrap and a bow.

Driving Imagination: Melissa & Doug Activity Rugs, $29.99

Our son doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to love when Santa brings him one of these things for his gazillion cars, trucks, planes and trains. We’ve got construction sites, roads, farms, train stations and more, plus a ton of other great Melissa & Doug must-haves.

Get Prehistoric: Dinosaur Plush, 15.99

We just got a huge selection of the coolest dinosaur plush you’ve ever seen. They’re so lifelike, as far as we can tell (T-rex’s were blue, right?). There not too small and not too big, coming in just right at between 12-15 inches tall. And they’ll make your dinosaur fan really happy Christmas morning. Complete your gift with a dinosaur figurine handmade in Africa made from recycled aluminum cans.

Peace by Piece: White Mountain Puzzles, $19.99

Pass the cold winter nights with a unique puzzle. These things are very detailed and beautifully done. We’ve got vintage soda bottles, winter scenes, old TV shows and at least 30 other designs. Don’t miss our huge animal head puzzles too, including elephants, wolves, deer and more.

I’m a bit long-winded, so I ran out of space before I could even mention our collection of hilarious socks, Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty, Constructive Eating forks and spoons for kids, crazy magnets, light-up Christmas hats, soft and stylish gloves, Old World ornaments, amazing candy bars and so much more. You’ll just have to come in and see us!

Mister Ed’s granddaughter, Nicole, is the co-owner of Mister Ed’s, along with her husband Isaac. Though the pair purchased the business from her grandparents in 2014, Nicole has been selling peanuts since before she could see over the counter. She spent more than a decade working in communications before she decided to live the “sweet life,” so it’s only natural she’s the creative mind behind Mister Ed’s, including all the marketing efforts, events and retail displays. Nicole also lends a hand in the fudge kitchen when needed. She loves being mom to her and Isaac’s energetic toddler son, Larkin, who has quite a sweet tooth (unlike mom). Nicole sneaks handfuls of fresh roasted jumbo peanuts and loves Salted Nut Roll fudge.