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Mister Ed’s Events: An Old and New Tradition

Mister Ed’s has a long history of great events. In the 70s when my Grandpa and Nana founded “Mister Ed’s: The Territory’s Most Unusual General Store,” we were known for a Santa Claus Arrival and Fourth of July Fireworks. People still come to us today with fond memories of those events from when they were kids. I love hearing their stories, because I wasn’t there. I’ve only ever seen pictures, being born two years too late to take in an event myself.

Over the next two-and-a-half decades, we hosted no events. My grandparents were just too busy (and exhausted) with the running of the store, plus going to the 42 craft shows they sold candy at across the region each year. There just wasn’t time left over for extra stuff. When Isaac and I came into the business 10 years ago, we wanted to bring back that grand tradition of events. We wanted to be known as a family-friendly place, and have kids talk about our events to their kids one day.

And that’s just what we did.

We started with an Easter Egg Hunt, after purchasing 30,000+ plastic eggs at an auction. That event was successful, so we took on a Santa Claus Arrival, welcoming Santa to the area every Sunday after Thanksgiving. Next we created a Great Pumpkin Party, where we buy 500 pumpkins for children to paint each year. (Fun fact, my grandfather also used to purchase 500 pumpkins each year and give them away to customers.) Most recently we added a summer event to the calendar, a “S’more Summer, Please” back-to-school drive and s’more roasting affair.

Our events continue to grow and evolve. And I’m always trying to improve, making the event experience even more fun and carefree. One thing that remains the same with our four major events is they are free. Each event costs $1,000-$3,000 for us to put on, but it’s important for us to continue to provide a free experience for these events. They also each benefit a local community organization, whether it be the Adams County SPCA, United Way or South Central Community Action Programs.

So thank you for participating in our events. We enjoy doing them, because they are just one more way we’re giving back to the community by making childhood a little sweeter.

Have a sweet day! And I hope to see you at tomorrow’s Great Pumpkin Party!


Mister Ed’s granddaughter, Nicole is the co-owner of Mister Ed’s, along with her husband Isaac. Though the pair purchased the business from her grandparents in 2014, Nicole has been selling peanuts since before she could see over the counter. She spent more than a decade working in communications before she decided to live the “sweet life,” so it’s only natural she’s the creative mind behind Mister Ed’s, including all the marketing efforts, events and retail displays. Nicole also lends a hand in the fudge kitchen when needed. She loves being mom to her and Isaac’s energetic toddler son, Larkin, who has quite a sweet tooth (unlike mom). Nicole sneaks handfuls of fresh roasted jumbo peanuts and loves Salted Nut Roll fudge.