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Make An Easter Dessert Board

Food boards are a big hit in our house. You can arrange a variety of meats, cheeses and fruits, or even sandwiches on a plate. The limit is your imagination. No cooking and everyone is happy, even my picky toddler. But our favorite boards are dessert boards. Everyone gets to choose what they want, and that’s what makes it fun. Plus it’s a feast for your eyes.

We’re going to try something new at Easter this year, an Easter Dessert Board. You can even make it ahead. In fact, I’m mostly making ours almost two weeks ahead. Who wouldn’t love a less hectic Easter meal preparation?

The start, the centerpiece of any Easter Dessert Board must be a nest for yummy jelly beans or robin’s eggs. You can make a quick nest using chow mein noodles.

Here’s the recipe:

Easter Bird’s Nest

2 cups of Chow Mein Noodles
½ Cup of Peanut Butter
¾ Cup of Butterscotch Chips

(Admittedly when I put mine together, I didn’t measure and I only used butterscotch chips. There seems to be a peanut butter shortage at the grocery store, after all.)

Place peanut butter and butterscotch chips into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on half-power in 30 second intervals until fully melted, stirring as you go. Add in the noodles and stir until well coated. You may need to add more noodles if you find the mixture is runny. Scoop the mixture onto the plate, tray or cookie sheet you plan to use as your board. Make it into a nest shape by scooping out the middle and using your hands to gently massage it into a circle.

Now you’re ready to build the rest of your board. Our favorite treats are:

Jelly Beans*
Peanut Butter and Coconut Eggs*
Chocolate Bunny*
Easter Gummies*
Spring Nonpareils*
Festive Chocolate Covered Oreos or Rice Krispies Treats*
Store bought or homemade mini cupcakes
Store bought or homemade cookies (like shortbread and Lofthouse)

(* - Available at Mister Ed’s)

You could even add some sugar-free candies for your diabetic or low-carb relatives.

At the end of the day, it’s all about abundance. You don’t want any part of your platter to show. If you’re concerned about that, you can start the whole process by coating your platter in coconut. It makes a great foundation.

And leftovers? Yippee! This is the only time you’ll hear me excited about eating leftovers. You can hoard them for yourself in plastic baggies, or send each of your friends and family home with an assortment of Easter goodies.

I hope you join me in trying something new for dessert this year. Get your littles to help you and have fun!