The Elephant Museum

Come one, come all

You’ll never forget Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum. The larger-than-life collection features more than 12,000 elephant figurines, circus souvenirs, political paraphernalia, toys and more. Mister Ed received his first elephant as a wedding gift and bought a few more on his honeymoon. He found more here and there, and soon friends and family began adding to his growing herd. It just got out of hand, and now the elephants are on display for all to enjoy free-of-charge.

Over 5,000 Elephants

Our Gardens

Get lost in our whimsical gardens, each designed with a unique theme. Our shade garden is for the birds, while our sun garden is full of elephants. Visit the Seven Dwarfs in the enchanted forest and count the fish in our pond. Our gardens are the perfect backdrop for a stroll or even a picnic lunch.

The Elephant Museum

Homemade Fudge

You gotta taste our homemade fudge. Made with the best ingredients, including local cream and butter, our homemade fudge is rich and creamy. Try our most popular flavors – chocolate and peanut butter – or pick something new from our more than 70 flavors. Discover the old-fashioned goodness of our time-honored recipe.

We always have:

Our Specialty Flavors Include:

Roasted Peanuts

Crack open our fresh roasted jumbo peanuts. We’ve been roasting our own peanuts daily since 1975 in an antique peanut roaster. Light, regular or dark roast, we sell goobers for all tastes. Wherever there’s an elephant, there will always be a need for peanuts.

Go nuts at Mister Ed's with:

Old Time Candy

Revisit your childhood with our old time candy. We have more than 700 varieties of your favorites from yesteryear through today. Grab a bag for a snack or create a candy bar for your special event. You’ll be a kid in a candy store.

Find old time favorites like:
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